More than Blood Drives

  Guest post by Penny Steed, American red Cross Preparedness Health and Safety Services Lead, Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany

You may associate the American Red Cross logo with blood drives. Fortunately, we are more than blood drives. Red Cross volunteers can be seen at the medical and dental clinics, at your Spangdahlem library helping out with our PAWs (Pets and Warriors) Read to Dogs program, and at various base wide events supporting the community.

The Red Cross offers many opportunities to fit a volunteers’ different interests and schedules.

Penny Steed, our Preparedness Health and Safety Services Lead and photographer, shares her experience volunteering at the Red Cross in Spangdahlem, Germany.

There are many reasons to volunteer with the Red Cross. I can only speak to why I choose to volunteer. Like so many, I arrived in Germany and found that despite my qualifications, I could not find a job. So, I decided to give back to my community while sharpening my skills in the process through volunteering. I am not new to the Red Cross, one could say that it is in my blood. Both my mother and grandmother have volunteered with the Red Cross at one time or another. I have been teaching CPR for the Red Cross for decades and have a degree in Education, but breaking into DODEA is harder than it looks. Therefore, I am teaching for the Red Cross again and loving every minute of it. I work with great people, who like myself have or are pursuing professional degrees and are taking the opportunity to hone their skills and put them to use in a volunteer capacity with the Red Cross. I get to meet all kinds of people through all types of opportunities.

Some I only see once in a while, and others on a regular basis, but I know that I have made a difference when I receive their heartfelt thank-yous, and “atta boys.” Featured in this entry are some photographs from our annual Volunteer Recognition Ceremony. It is hosted by the Red Cross in appreciation of the volunteer contributions through the year. It’s a great opportunity to mix and mingle with other Red Cross volunteers that are out in the community volunteering in different capacities.

We have great people sharing their skills and qualifications to include assisting in the Medical Group clinics. We even have active duty men and women, volunteering their time to run programs within our community. We also now have our youth volunteer program back up and running, so our next generation can build on their skills. If you think we might have something for you, stop by the office and talk to us.

Spangdahlem Red Cross

Building 319, 2nd Floor

DSN: 452.9440

COMM: 06565.61.9440

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