Been There, Done That: The Baltics/Scandinavia/Russia Trip

Hello faithful blog readers! As you may already be aware, it’s travel season– no matter where you are, there’s bound to be people either leaving there or leaving somewhere else to get there.

How appropriate then for one of our photojournalists to leave here (Spangdahlem) and go somewhere (in this case, several places) only to come back here (Spangdahlem again) to write about where he went. In this case, the travelling involved a great big boat on the Baltic Sea and the countries numbered seven — SEVEN — let’s count ’em: Sweden (including Gotland), Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Finland and even Russia!

They’ll be a three part posting on those countries to include 1.) The Baltics (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia), 2.) Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland and Denmark), and 3.) Russia. He’ll also provide tips on the historical places he visited, the local cuisine and customs, as well as the souvenirs he purchased (it’s the hallmark of being a tourist.)

Until then, stay tuned for more updates and check out some of these panoramic pics (it’s so amazing what our phones can do nowadays!) from the seven countries on his travels:

PART ONE: The Baltics

LATVIA — Riga (Downtown)


LITHUANIA– Klaipeda (The Great Dunes)


ESTONIA — Tallinn (The Song Festival Grounds)


PART TWO: Scandinavia

DENMARK — Copenhagen (The Little Mermaid)


SWEDEN — Stockholm (The Sunken Ship VASA)


FINLAND — Helsinki Church Square



RUSSIA — St. Petersburg (Fruit Market)



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