Been There, Done That: A Weekend in Bruges

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If you are looking for a perfect weekend getaway, look no further than the setting of the 2008 film “In Bruges.” That’s right, that picturesque little town with a miniature Venice feel is only a short drive away from Saber Nation.

Simply take the A60 toward Liege and follow the signs to Brussels/Ghent, and you will eventually arrive in this canal-based northern city.


With only a weekend at your disposal, I thought I would provide you a few tips to make sure you get the most out of Bruges in such a short time. Here are six things I think are noteworthy for a perfect way to see something great, without burning that hard-earned leave:

1. Stay near the Markt—This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the pin drop of this city. Aside from the historical highlights that include the 12th-century belfry and Provincial Court, the square is where all the action is. I recommend Hotel Algeria, as it provided a nice little B&B experience with an above average breakfast included with quiet rooms nestled off the street. Safe, affordable and near the action? I’ll take it!

2. Drink Beer [Responsibly!!!]—I thought I was cool going to St. Vith for my Belgium brew needs. Whoa, I was wrong. The little cobblestone streets in the city are lined with shops offering hundreds (yes, I said hundreds) of different Belgium beers for sale. Be sure to check out the Halve Maan Brewery, the only brewery in the city for a nice 8 euro tour which also happens to come with free, unfiltered Bruges Zot (means Bruges town idiot) beer! When you are ready to buy yourself some brew-gifts, head down to The Bottle Shop on Wollestraat where your wife will know what it feels like when you are stuck in Forever 21 or H&M.


3. Enjoy the nearby Cafes-Bruge has so many cafes, it may be hard to decide which one to relax at. Well, don’t worry, I got your back! Right around the corner from Hotel Algeria is Sorbetiere De Medici. Go upstairs for a cool view of everything happening below you. This is a nice, warm place for a cup of coffee and a delicious Belgium waffle. Afterwards, head down to the cathedral to see Michelangelo’s “Madonna with Child.”  In the evening, walk 25 steps down the road and have a world-class brew at Het Hof Van Rembrandt (no, not the toothpaste.) Whatever you do, just don’t forget to try a waffle because it hits the spot regardless of time of day.

4. Take a boat tour-For less than a meal at Golden Dragon, you can take a nice little 35-minute boat tour through the narrow canals that run through the entire little town. This is a great way to take in many of the sights as well as meet new, interesting people.

5. Eat at ‘t Zwart Huis-A very popular place, be sure to make reservations in advance. It is well worth it though. They have live music along with amazing local food upstairs. If you want a quieter atmosphere, head downstairs where the ambiance is candle-lit. Either way, you can’t lose by eating at that place Saturday night.


6. Drink more beer [Even MORE Responsibly]-I know, I already said this. But, there are so many beers there! Go down to “2 be in Bruges” and you can even have a Westvleteren on the spot!

Being stationed overseas is all about travelling. To me, Bruges is a place many people save up for just to see.

We have the privilege of being just down the road so it would be a crime not to gas up the car and [responsibly] enjoy a little weekend in this fascinating city.

Have fun! [But always have a plan: NEVER drink and drive, always have a designated driver/thinker and have money for cabfare. If you’re nearby Spangdahlem, check with your recall roster if you’re in need of help or call Airmen Against Drunk Driving at 0656561-2233 for 24/7 support options to safely get you back home!]

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