Presidents Day Trivia-O-Rama 2016

Howdy Sabers! I’m sure many of you have made some special plans for the upcoming weekend. And not just for any weekend– this one comes with a day that only happens once a year. (Truly, ALL days happen once a year, but stick with me on this.)

This extended weekend includes a particular holiday, and I can see everyone getting ready for it now: you’ve already got your best suit or gown for the inauguration gala. You’ve got your playlist of the best State of the Union addresses ready on your iPod.  And you’ve prepared your TV for a binge-a-thon of the eight-hour documentary detailing the decisions and biographies made from our nation’s 43 commanders-in-chief.

Wait… y’all were thinking about Valentine’s Day, right?

True, that is also this weekend, but the following day is a Federal Holiday: PRESIDENTS DAY!!! And it’s that time of year to bring back some presidential trivia! The following 10 questions are some of my favorite questions!

Congratulations to Nicole Flohr for being the first person to answer all 10 questions correctly and receiving an awesome Spangdahlem coin!


1.)    Which four presidents lost the popular vote yet still won the presidency?

-John Quincy Adams in 1824, Rutherford Hayes in 1876, Benjamin Harrison in 1888 and George W. Bush in 2000.

2.)    Which president was near-sighted in one eye and far-sighted in the other?

-James Buchanan

3.)    Who was our last president to sport facial hair?

-William Howard Taft

4.)    Who was the first president to be born in a hospital?

-Jimmy Carter

5.)    Which three presidents were elected while serving in the U.S. Senate?

-Warren Harding, John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama

6.)    Who was our shortest president?

-James Madison

7.)    Which president said the following phrase and to what was he referring: “Well, there doesn’t seem anything else for an ex-President to do but to go into the country and __________________.”

-Chester Arthur “…raise big pumpkins.”

8.)    Who was the first president to live in the White House? -John Adams 9.) Which president won the New Hampshire presidential primary more than any other candidate?

-Richard Nixon in 1960, 1968 and 1972

10.)    Which president earned the Medal of Honor, for which military campaign did he earn it, and which President gave it to him?

-Theodore Roosevelt for the Battle of San Juan Hill, and it was awarded to him posthumously by Bill Clinton

For more information on presidential history, visit the Spangdahlem Library or visit the White House’s website at

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