Been There, Done That … Bitburg Haunted House

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Sabers beware, it’s time for a scare! In order to end this rhyme without reason, I’ll tell you a tale of my favorite season. A visit to an annual attraction, filled to the brim with Halloween action. Let me tell you the tale of a haunted house most horrible and end this rhyme before it gets more deplorable.

 This time on Been There, Done That we braved the annual Bitburg haunted house!

Someone cue the lightening! (Thunder sounds)

The Bitburg haunted house is an annual attraction going on its 13th year and is being put on with the help of over 350 volunteers. The best way I can describe it is an amalgamation of nightmare inspiration by various contributors from both on and off base, all with the aim of scaring your pants off.

Haunted House 2015

As an aficionado of horror video games, I will admit I went into this one thinking myself an unflappable pillar of desensitized awesomeness. In the video games, there is little that cannot be overcome with either a sneaky sneak method or a blind dash for glory bolstered by the battle cry Leeeeeeeeeerooooy Jenkins. This method did not work so well for me in real life (not too surprisingly).

My cool as a cucumber facade aside, I have to say there were parts of the house that were truly spectacular with the effort put in by the volunteers. Many of the scares are just people jumping out and loud noises, true, but there are several areas that are genuinely creepy. You can see the work put in by those who brought the haunted house together this year, and it pays off amazingly. I personally found myself laughing more often than screaming, but I heard more than enough other people to know that only my in-depth training spared me.

My final take away from the attraction is this: even if you aren’t the easily frightened type, the Bitburg haunted house is a blast. You can see the love put into it, the actors are obviously having a lot of fun trying to scare you, and chances are pretty high you’ll have fun too.

 So if you’re a fan of horror just trying your skill or a Halloween goer just craving a thrill, why not head to Bitburg this year for your spine tingling chill! Happy Halloween, Sabers!


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