When Sabers Sleep: The Night Shift (726th Air Mobility Squadron)

As the sun touches the edges of our land, the sky turns from a vivacious shade of cerulean to a drowsy tint of purple and pink. Weary feet shuffle toward homes, minds occupied with the inviting arms of families and the soft embrace of pillows.

But if you were to take a moment to glimpse to your left and your right, you may notice something quite interesting –a select few walking in the opposite direction.

Their lives, unknown to us – separated by the intangible line demarcated by the sun and the moon –seem to exist in a surreal realm of twilight, one that seems to escape the confines of our world and awareness.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to “When Sabers Sleep: The Night Shift,” where we unveil the mysteries behind the story of those who work when the sun hides its face.

Tonight, we dive into the mysteries behind the nightly activities of:

The 726th Air Mobility Squadron (The A-Shift)


Their mission: Serving as a passenger terminal and a pit stop for passing military air crafts, the 726th Air Mobility Squadron and its Airmen work hard to ensure that passing aircraft are well-maintained and taken care of before they leave Spangdahlem Air Base.


You may have seen their nightly tale here, but you can learn far more about their story by visiting our Flickr page.


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