Oh, Oh, Oh, it’s Magic

When I was young, I always looked forward to watching a magic show. I constantly wondered at how the magician would do these tricks, and it always left me amazed.

Now that I’m older and understand most of the tricks are sleight of hand, I am not amazed as much as intrigued at how they pull off these acts. Sure, there are tricks that still amaze me, and on Monday night I was blown away by Rob Lake.

Rob Lake entertains Saber Nation

Armed Forces Entertainment brought the magician to Saber Nation to perform in front of more than 400 children, service members and spouses.

A line gathered around the building before the doors opened. (Not by themselves, mind you. People opened those doors, as the magic would begin later.) Once open, people filled the room’s 400 seats, leaving others to stand.

Anticipation built and finally it was time for Lake to entertain.

Rob Lake entertains Saber Nation

His performance had the audience guessing what would happen next and even left some speechless. Lake at one point made the joke, “It’s like you have seen this before.” After the audience didn’t make any noise after an act.

He kept the show both light and interactive.

Airmen and children helped during the act, leaving most wondering how they executed the tricks.

Rob Lake entertains Saber Nation

Those answers we may never know, but for the children in attendance, their faces said it all. They knew how cool Lake’s tricks were.

After all, it’s magic … never believe it’s not so.

(Note: I took a super-secret oath on a stack of magic books not to reveal any of the illusions for the show. If you want to find out, check out Lake’s next appearance (or disappearance) at an event near you.)

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