Been There, Done That … Shooting Kino

When I first walked into the outdoor recreation office to scope out the upcoming events, I had no idea what Shooting Kino was. The notion of a quick trip at the end of the work day sounded fun to blow off some steam. It only got better when I found out it was an arcade game with live ammo. I boarded the bus prepared for a BB gun, but I was totally off target.

For those who don’t know what Shooting Kino is, allow me to explain. When I was told live ammo, they were not talking about air guns, they were talking about real guns. Big guns. And by arcade, they really meant an interactive shooting range. Like the kind a daddy would take his little girls to in order to graduate them from shooting blowguns at vegetable-stealing critters in the backyard to lean, mean, zombie-apocalypse surviving machines.

Photo 1

Having grown up around guns, the surprise was more exciting to me than it may have been for someone expecting a little less bang for their buck. We shot rifles. We shot hand guns. We shot a shotgun that kicked me like I owed it money. At the end, the cherry on top of the whole thing was the chance to shoot a Desert Eagle .50 handgun, the big gun of big guns (as far as handguns are concerned).

Photo 2

I had seen variations of the gun used in movies like “Terminator”, “Doom”, and even “The Boondock Saints”. It also took a starring role in several Youtube videos where people knocked themselves out from the recoil. I’ll admit, it was pretty intimidating and I may have tried to (unsuccessfully) rock-paper-scissors my way out of being the first girl to fire off the monster. Even so, I’m glad that I got the chance. And no, I didn’t knock myself out.

Photo 3

While Shooting Kino may not be for everyone, I had a blast while I was there. If you’ve got some time to spare and an “arcade game with live ammo” seems like your kind of thing, why not give it a shot? Some age restrictions may apply. Call ODR for more information!

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