Hiking Devil’s Canyon

If you live on or around base, it can be pretty easy to forget Germany is a great, big, beautiful place out there even if you’ve never stepped foot in a major European city. I’m talking about the wilds, baby, and boy are they right on our doorstep.

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I got a firsthand look during my recent “death-defying” Devil’s Canyon hike with Outdoor Recreation. Death-defying levels may vary.

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About a thirty-minute drive and we were at the start of our nearly five-hour trek through the once submerged canyon. Our guide pointed out the local flora and animal tracks, educating our little band on the dangers and surprises of the German wilds.

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We learned to identify poisonous plants, ate others I previously thought were the bane of a hiker’s existence and got a chance to enjoy some awesome local cuisine not picked off the path.

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One thing I would recommend to the would-be hiker is bring good shoes and water. While the Devil’s Canyon itself is a short stretch at the end, the winding path through the surrounding hills is both gorgeous and a little perilous for a klutz like me.

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There are stretches of this hike that can take your breath away with their beauty. There are others that can literally knock the wind out of you if you happen to take a tumble.

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While I’d recommend this hike to someone with a little bit of experience, a novice hiker can also get by with a good pair of shoes and a hardy appetite for adventure.

If you decide you need a day of exploration pretty close to home, this hike may be right up your alley. Outdoor Rec has some great guides who keep the trip entertaining and you may be surprised how much you’ll learn.

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It’s a hike that’s difficult enough to work up a sweat, but not too extreme for a novice either. So if you’re up for a trek on the wild side, why not give the Devil’s canyon a shot? Keep on exploring, my fellow adventurers. I hope to see you out there!

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