That’s a big gas spill

Water starts gushing out of a fire hose, and victims lay on the ground.

Airmen participate in Exercise

First responders are about to have a crazy morning.

The fire department receives a phone call, possibly for another crisis they’ll have to extinguish.

“Exercise Exercise Exercise– we have a class three fuel spill in progress!!”

Instead of fuel and real casualties, firefighters dealt with water and simulated injuries in this Sept. 12 exercise with the expectation that they were real.

With that, first responders donned in full gear arrived to the scene of the spill to determine their next move.

Airmen participate in Exercise

They quickly notice the injured Airmen and that their first priority remains to get any casualties to safety.

The distance to do that, added to the weight from their own gear, provided the fire fighters with no simple task.

Airmen participate in Exercise

Once the paramedics received the injured, the firefighters worked with water fuels systems maintenance Airmen to quickly contain and clean up the simulated fuel spill.

The maintenance Airmen, dressed in all-white suits and green visors, set up a plug in a drainage ditch to stop the fuel from further leakage.

Airmen participate in Exercise

Airmen quickly contained the area and then simulated cleaning up the spill.

All the participants came together after the exercise to see what worked and what could have gone better to make sure they’re prepared in case the real thing happens.

It might have just been water today, but it could be fuel tomorrow. Regardless, 52nd Fighter Wing Airmen constantly train for various scenarios to maintain readiness for any contingency.

Written by Airman 1st Class Dylan Nuckolls

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