Dorm Wars: only ONE can claim victory

Fierce competition, determination and teamwork dominated Saber Nation last month as part of the second annual Dorm Wars competition.


During the month of August, roughly 100 dormitory Airmen engaged in spirited contests over 16 different events in the competition in an effort to take home the coveted A-10 gun barrel traveling trophy.

The Dorms Wars standings were so close on the last day of the final five events, Dorm Wars officials doubled the points, making it even more crucial for determining the champion.

Fellow Airmen, supervisors, squadron, group and wing leadership came out to support the dorm Airmen competing in events ranging from flag football to billiards and paintball.


The competition got fierce at times, but it brought Airmen to meet others not only from their own dorms but around base as well.

Defending champion, Dorm 227, came up short for a repeat this year, as Dorms 134 and 140 jointly earned the title as the Dorm Wars champion.


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