I was achin’ for some bacon

 Pig fest, a German celebration held in Wittlich, was incredible! Legend says that Wittlich was once a walled fortress and a guard was in charge of securing the gates to protect the people from attackers.










 One day, the guard couldn’t find the pin to secure the gate. In an attempt to protect the village, he wedged a carrot into a hole, keeping the doors closed. Later, a pig came by and ate the carrot freeing the door and allowing the enemy to enter.

In a fit of rage, the villagers gathered all the pigs in the square and roasted them. Since then, a festival is held every year in August to celebrate the town’s history.

The celebration had musical performances, carnival games, markets and a village full of hungry people. What’s better than marching a bunch of pigs through the village streets, putting them on a spit and feeding hundreds of people?












It’s interesting to me that pigs are roasted right in front of you. I have never had better tasting pork served on a delicious bun. I’ve always been a fan of food freshly hunted. In my opinion, it tastes much better than processed, store-bought products.

Bands also played in the streets. Some children from a local music school performed a bunch of popular American music. I couldn’t believe how well the young people performed; it looked like they were only in middle school.










Seeing all the people with their friends and family enjoying the entertainment, carnival games and conversation, was very energizing. The rest of the night I wandered the market square and I felt grateful to have had the opportunity to explore Europe’s festivities with my friends.  







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