Been There, Done That: Dive Malta

photo 1

I have finally graduated from the kiddy pool to the open waters of the Mediterranean! My most recent adventure took me to the waters of Gozo, Malta, on a diving vacation befitting a count.

Gozo and its surrounding islands have been featured in a few adventures from The Count of Monte Cristo to Zorro. From shipwrecks to chateaus, diving to rock climbing, it offers a whole sleuth of adventure to any would-be explorer. It’s not the type of place you would quickly run out of things to do. Just remember the sun screen. Lots and lots of sunscreen.

In my pursuit of diving certification, I explored caves, shipwrecks, and other scenic marvels like the Azure Window and the Blue Lagoon. What I personally found most impressive was the cave systems and rock formations. There is nothing quite like the feeling of swimming up out of a tiny little tunnel and emerging at the end of a reef into a vast void of open water. Just waves more than a dozen meters overhead and a blue expanse before you and below stretching beyond visibility. Never before have I felt so small.

 photo 3

So if you are looking for an island escape with a little extra adventure on the side, leave your water wings at home, ladies and gents and check out Gozo. It’s going to take something pretty extreme to take the top of my list of adventures over this one. Luckily, I’ve got my sights on just such a weekend. See you on my next adventure in Austria!

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