Comic Con: It was a MARVEL-US adventure

It’s pretty easy to fall prey to the grind of everyday life in the military. But the Club Eifel at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, recently offered Airmen and their families a chance to break out of the routine with some good old comic relief.  


Twice a year the club hosts conventions for comic and sci-fi enthusiasts. Their most recent event, the Heroes and Villains Comic Con, offered a wide array of exhibits for participants. Activities included a superhero training center for kids, comic and fan art shopping, and various knowledge-based tournaments. There were games of wit, tests of speed, trials of trigger fingers, and an eating contest of titanic portions.  




One of the things most noticeable about the convention was the enthusiasm and accepting air of its guests. The convention offered an opportunity for families and friends to share in a common interest without fear of criticism. While it wasn’t the focus, this year’s Comic Con did shed some light on the dangers of bullying and the importance of accepting each other with all our crazy differences.




Comic Con has passed, but if you missed out, fear not! Sci-fi Con is on the horizon! So get your costumes ready because it will be out of this world!

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