An Airman never quits: her road to fitness

Tim Allen said in a movie once “never give up, never surrender.” For an Airman, that statement holds true to the Air Force core values. Staff Sgt. India Smith, a 372nd Training Squadron Detachment 17 NCO in charge of knowledge operations, embodies that famous quote from “Galaxy Quest.”

Smith’s story starts in December of 2013 when she first arrived here.

“In January of 2014, I failed my Air Force fitness assessment with a composite score of 15.75 percent,” said Smith. “That’s not a great way to begin at a new base and a new unit.”

That happened to be her second failure in two years, and fifth in five years. Although she had failed in the past, she was determined not to let it end her career.


With the failure she was determined to start eating right, and start going to combat airman fitness classes, with the help of her physical training leader and her unit.


She started going to the classes twice a week at first, which turned into 3 or more times a week. After 85 days she passed her PT test with a score of 78. But her overall goal is to pass the test in the excellent category with a 90 or above. Another one of her goals is to complete a full “Murph” workout in a couple of months.

Even though she passed her latest PT test, Smith realizes that there is more work to do.


“I’m still not the epitome of healthy or fit. I still can’t do a pull-up, I still can’t do the workout with the prescribed amount of weight, and some days, it’s all I can do to finish,” she said. “I’m okay with being a work in progress. I’m okay with being the last person to finish the workout. Because I know that only 90 days ago, I wouldn’t have even tried. Now I’m ready to take on the next 180 day one day at a time.”


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