‘Exercise Exercise Exercise’: Airman reports from 606th ACS training

EDITOR’S NOTE: Airman 1st Class Dylan Nuckolls accompanied the 606th Air Control Squadron for their combat readiness training exercise here April 13. CRT coordinators designed the exercise to create a realistic scenario where Airmen deploy to a remote location to setup a base and radar site while encountering potentially hostile forces. The following is a fictional report created from circumstances within CRT’s environment.


606th ACS Airmen provide key support to local population

FORWARD OPERATING BASE SHAKA, Central Africa–Members from the 606th Air Control Squadron continue to support U.S. and U.N. forces here.

Their mission is to establish radar support to U.S. and U.N. forces while ensuring air space security.


“We are providing civil air services with the goal of restoring commercial air travel to the country and establishing free flow commerce,” said Capt. Romaine Russell, 606th ACS flight commander and on-site commander.

The 606th ACS arrived earlier this week and began base construction to become operational.


“We have so far provided three groups with food and water on request,” said 1st Lt. Jason Stewart, 606th ACS, flight commander and on-site director of operations. “We are providing assistance to the local population when able to do so.”

Airmen continue to support the mission and delivered food and water to locals in need.


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