Been There, Done That: Let’s Czech out Prague

When traveling in Europe, a lot of people gravitate toward the more western cities like Paris, Rome and Barcelona; yet I can tell you about my first trip to the East and how much I loved Prague!

On a three-day weekend, your travel opportunities expand incredibly! My friends and I talked about going to Spain again or checking out Berlin, but Prague was on my “Must-See List” so we made it happen.

Prague, Czech Republic

The drive was a little more than six hours from Spangdahlem, but with some good music and even better company, the time flew by and we were there before I knew it.

It was easy enough to find an inexpensive place to stay just outside of the city. After checking in and getting settled, we were off to explore.

Prague, Czech Republic

Navigating the train system wasn’t a challenge because the city isn’t too big; however, breaking up the currency, the Czech Koruna, from bills to coins became an issue. The ticket machine only took coin. We soon found out we could buy our tickets at one of the convenient stores in the station. A 24-hour ticket that covered trains, trams and buses only ran us about $5.60, or 110 Koruna, each.

Once we made it to the city center, or Old Town, the beautiful architecture, booming city markets, vendors, and crowds of people confirmed we’d chosen the right city to visit.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague offered so much for everyone. The sites impressed us, especially from the top of the city near St. Vitus Cathedral. You didn’t need to be hungry to want to eat either. With so much variety in street food, all I had to do was follow my nose! The shopping enticed us as well with the booths throughout the main squares selling paintings, bohemian crystal and so much more.

Did I mention the views?! The cathedral featured such detailing in its gothic architecture, but I most enjoyed the 16th Century Astronomical Clock located in the Old Town Square. It is the third oldest in the world, but the oldest still in working order. The Charles Bridge also serves as a city landmark.

Prague, Czech Republic

We skipped the museums for a trip to a small local theater. Inexpensive plays and operas could be found without much effort.

Prague has plenty to offer for families and children, and for those looking to revel in the nightlife, Prague will not disappoint. Pub crawls rallied at the clock in the evenings before making their way throughout the city. A five-story club served as a main attraction for the night owls.

Of all the cities I have seen so far, Prague is one of my favorites. The relaxed feel of the city as well as how reasonably priced I found everything to be makes it one I wish to see again.

Prague, Czech Republic

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