Counting stars at the Luxembourg Rockhal

Sabers meet OneRepublic

One of the things I really enjoy about living in Europe is how easy it is to grab dinner or a movie in a different country and still get home at a decent hour.

This weekend I found a fun and exciting way to spend an evening with live music in Luxembourg. I’m talking about the Rockhal, Luxembourg! The Rockhal is the country’s largest concert venue. Headliners of every genre from across the world have been featured there.

I didn’t know a concert hall was so close until I found out the marketing team over at the 52nd Force Support Squadron had a free ticket drawing. They contacted a hold of a popular band that was coming to the area and scored some concert tickets and meet-and-greet backstage passes for a few of us. The free tickets were selected in a drawing was held the day of the concert. From there, transportation and escort were all taken care of.

The band? OneRepublic!

I actually got to meet this chart-topping group known for “Counting Stars,” “Stop and Stare” and “Apologize,” just to name a few! The Rockhal was the final stop on their European Tour.

Sabers meet OneRepublic

Those of us lucky enough to meet the band were given a few minutes of the guys’ time to shake hands and grab some autographs. The band members were super friendly, asking us where we were from and not objecting to sign all of our T-shirts, CDs and concert tickets.

Sabers meet OneRepublic

Right after the meet and greet, we were escorted to the main concert hall. The hall itself was easy enough to navigate, and offered a wide-open room with a large stage. While it was quite crowded, it wasn’t difficult to maneuver through all the people to find the restroom, or grab a drink or snack.

The concert was awesome! OneRepublic sounded as good, if not better than they do on the radio! Their stage presence was high-energy and infectious, keeping us all entertained and singing along. The lightshow and capabilities of the venue were also quite impressive.

Sabers meet OneRepublic

We all know that concessions tend to be overpriced at all large-scale events, but I was pleased to find everything to be reasonably priced at the Rockhal. I got a bottle of water and pizza for pretty cheap; otherwise there is a mall next door to the venue if you wanted to grab a bite before you go. Be sure to bring Euro though! They didn’t accept any credit cards anywhere and there wasn’t an ATM.

The hall took just about an hour and a half to get to from base, but parking was a bit congested. If you do go there, be ready to wait in line getting into the parking lot, and even more so leaving.

I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a bit of loud fun to check out the Rockhal! We had a blast, and I will be going again!

To find out more information or to see a listing of upcoming concerts, check out their website:

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