You know you’re at Kappensitzung when…

…everyone shouts “HELAU!!!!” every few minutes.

…you’re surrounded by people complementing each other on their funny hats.

…you share a table with clowns, pirates, cats and it’s NOT a Halloween party.

Well, those are at least some of the things I observed at my first (as well as Spangdahlem’s first) Kappensitzung.

Saber Kappensitzung 2014

The Saber Kappensitzung (pronounced “Kap-pin-sit-zoong”) featured the most random set of costumes I have ever seen. Even I sported something I never thought I would wear, even to a Halloween party: a clown costume.

Yep, you read that right. Complete with bright red and yellow clothes, a wig and a funny hat.
But what is Kappensitzung, you ask? It is a traditional German celebration during Fasching. It’s advertised as a fun-filled evening with special guests, comedy, music and dancing. And it’s true.

Saber Kappensitzung 2014

You’ve probably seen evidence of these exciting events everywhere recently, from small villages to hopping towns like Trier.

The night was filled with laughter and cheering and saying the word “HELAU!!!” a lot! “HELAU!!!” is one of the many different types of greetings used during Fasching.

Music, dancing, comedy and speeches are what went on while I attended the Kappensitzung put on by the 52nd Force Support Squadron. The event started off with some live music and quickly transitioned into performances by some very talented dance groups from all around the base.

Saber Kappensitzung 2014

When it ended, the night made me realize there is a lot that goes on here that I may have missed out on. This event makes me more excited than ever to be in Germany, and to experience its culture and traditions.

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