Been There, Done That: Diving in the Deep

been there done that

So we got our traveling toes a little damp in Bitburg, but this week we decided it was time to jump in the deep end. And boy, do I mean deep. Thirty-three feet to be exact.


If you’ve ever so much as stuck your head under the water, you know it’s a pretty different world down there. The sights are surreal, the sounds are magnified like an orchestra of angels, and you hang suspended in the vast blue abyss like Nemo after he touched the butt. We can’t recommend smelling the water though, as inhalation of fluids is the leading cause of drowning and is frowned upon in most modern establishments.

With the help of Outdoor Recreation, we got to experience the life under the sea to a level which surpassed all apple-bobbing, doggy-paddling, and high school swirly misadventures . After about an hour and a half ride by van, we were at our water park destination. This, my friends, is where my scuba diving adventure began.


The water was deep and blue. On our little ledge, we were safe from the plastic octopi and replica shipwreck of the deep end. But after just a few drills to get familiar with our gear, we went for it. Handhold by handhold, we descended down into the depths of the underwater playground.

I will say, I was surprised how quickly I got used to the gear and the things like clearing your mask 30 feet underwater. Getting comfortable with breathing underwater can take a while, but ODR has some fantastic instructors who were there to help us get over these hurdles with plenty of reassurance and more than a little bit of comic relief.


It should be noted these classes are not for certification, but rather familiarization. To anyone who has ever considered diving, this class is a good way to get over any initial anxities and road bumps while still in a safe and controlled enviorment.

So, if diving tickles your fancy, why not give ODR a shot with the intro to scuba class? I know it left me with a great first impression and a thirst to experience more. The next stop for this particular intrepid travler? Malta, Baby! Just keep swimming!

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