Saber Airmen and German Leaders conduct forum

Yesterday, a bunch of people held a meeting in a conference room on base…

That doesn’t sound very exciting or new, and it makes for a very boring lead sentence.

However, this wasn’t just a gathering of a local bridge club or a group reviewing a Mitch Albom book they just read.

At those tables sat leaders, movers AND shakers – both American military and German civilians – within the Eifel region.

Their topic of discussion: each thanking the other nation’s members for their continued support.


Nearly 20 mayors, county commissioners and business leaders attended the 52nd Fighter Wing’s information forum at the Eifel Lodging Feb. 19.

The twice-yearly forum creates opportunities for community leaders to voice their opinions and concerns while gathering insight on current events and operations on behalf of the more than 10,000 Saber Airmen and their families stationed here.


The leaders discussed a range of issues affecting the community including the status of current flying operations, future development of the installation and upcoming German-American opportunities.

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