‘Building partnership’ is music to our ears

Many people join their nation’s military to keep their country safe and preserve their way of life.

In doing so, they may serve as pilots flying on aircraft through enemy territory, technicians ensuring logistical and intelligence delivery gets to the right people or medical staff providing treatment to those who most need it.

And they do all these things with the understanding they may have to sacrifice their life so others may live.

Now imagine signing up to play in an orchestra…

We’re sure those previous images of military battlefronts or huge aircraft hangars may have quickly escaped your mind when considering people playing in a band.  [Unless they had a CAPTIVE audience – ha ha.]

But, no – service members who serve in military musical bands play just as much of a role in serving in their nation as those same pilots, maintainers, doctors and others. It’s not just because they wear a uniform – it’s because they represent the same core values and share a commitment to defending the lives of others.

And when bands from different countries join forces to get their groove on, you can bet the sounds of ‘building partnerships’ will make the best music for your ears.

A joint performance featuring the U.S. Air Forces in Europe band and the Luxembourg Air Force Musique Militaire performed a music concert at the Mehrzweckhalle in Kenn, Germany, Feb. 11.   

They performed classical, jazz and even classic rock pieces – “Live and Let Die” but in the style of Paul McCartney and the Wings, not the Guns ‘n Roses’ one – in front of an audience of nearly 200 people.

To start off the concert, both bands performed three national anthems belonging to Germany, Luxembourg and the United States.  










The bands are on tour in France, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg, to help spread the universal language of great music wherever they go.

“It’s important to build those partnerships with our communities and with our NATO allies, especially around our [military] bases,” said 1st Lt. Thomas, Gamboa, USAFE Band associate conductor. 








Each band played a selection ranging from classical to Jazz such as “Over the Rainbow” to a little more lively tune of Live and let Die, every song met with thunderous applause!











U.S. Master Sgt. Steven Schaughency, USAFE Band director of special projects and productions from Endicott, N.Y., describe his experience with playing with musicians from a different country.

“It’s great, anytime we get to perform with fellow musicians is always fun,” Schaughency said. “It’s especially rewarding because we’re performing with fellow military musicians, this is their profession in the military and they come from a different country with a different language and different culture but when we sit down and play it’s all about music.”  








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