Caring for People forum brings chance for change

Spangdahlem is an amazing base with a lot of things to do, but there is always more that can be done to improve our community. That’s why I volunteered to participate in the Caring for People Forum. As a single airman with Spangdahlem as my first station, there are a lot of opprotunities for us, but still room to grow.

There were about 70 people gathered together to discuss current issues that are affecting the base and community. But we didn’t just talk about issues, we also  came up solutions for those issues at the CFP.

The forum split Saber community members up into different groups focusing on topics like single Airmen support, spouse support, health and fitness, child and youth activities, housing, and school support.


I was in the single Airmen support group, and we worked throughout the morning to figure out the two biggest issues relating to our single Airmen.

My group decided that we need to make the transition to Spangdahlem easier for Airmen and their families.

Single Airmen also wanted to see a more accessible communication hub for all the private and base organizations, making it easier to network.


Once we identified what we thought were our two biggest problems, we analyzed and discussed why they are issues, but most importantly, potential solutions for them.

I enjoyed talking about the issues on Spangdahlem, hearing what others thought about them, and brainstorming what we could do to fix these issues. We came up with quite a few ideas, one of which would streamline the newcomers’ process by allowing Airmen to be briefed on only what is most relevant to them. This could be done by sperating single and accompanied Airmen into different groups.

As the time went by, we narrowed down our suggested solutions to offer to the Community Action Information Board, which creates the Community Action Plan, a two-year plan that guides the community improvements.

At the end of the day, all the groups came together as one and each group briefed what they came up with.


Lee Chaix McDonough, 52nd Fighter Wing community support coordinator, will take all the issues and solutions and present them to the CAIB, on Feb. 24, 2014.

I am happy I participated in this event, because I feel like I could actually make a difference to my base and its community.

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