Making our community better, because we care


It’s true…we’re pretty lucky. Some of us would argue that the Saber Nation has one of the best communities in the Air Force. Stationed overseas? Check. Incredible opportunities to travel? Done. And experiencing culture in Europe? Definitely.

If you ask anyone stationed here if we face challenges that are different from the ones we face while living in the states, the answer is yes.

The 52nd Fighter Wing leadership recognizes this, and prides itself on not only making people feel welcomed, but reaching out to make Spangdahlem one of the best bases in the Air Force. And even though we are happy over here, we know that there are things to improve (more parking, anyone?)

So we want to hear from you! Have a bone to pick? Bring it! What quality of life issues have been bothering you? What makes absolutely no sense to you? Wing leadership wants to know what’s keeping you up at night.


Come voice your concerns, suggestions, and anything else that drives you up the wall to one of the two community town hall meetings at the Saber Conference Center, Wednesday, Jan. 8. Leadership really does want to hear directly from you and your families. So stop by the Saber Conference Center Viper Conference Room at 11:30 a.m. or 5 p.m. With your input, we can make a positive change in our community.

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