It was the diapers that did it!

If you were at the commissary Nov. 18, 2013, you may have heard weird announcements and seen people hustling around.

This wasn’t part of a new game show or a surprise military inspection. It was all part of the fun and games known fondly as “The Commissary Sweep.”

For those unfortunate people not yet familiar with this awesome tradition, the Spangdahlem Spouses and Enlisted Members Club sponsored the free event where participants solve riddles and match prices in a race against the clock.

Each team received a specific amount of money to spend within a 25-minute window. Those with a basket of products with a total closest to their limit without exceeding it won the contest.


In addition to rushing to find the best price, competitors solved riddles spoken over the store intercom by retrieving items bearing the answer. Failure to include the riddle’s items meant a 50 cent deduction from a team’s limit.

Tech. Sgt. Jordan Boyd, assistant fire chief of 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron, and his wife Emily competed against three other teams in the match.

The Boyd family came into the sweep with a strategy of bulking up on diapers and wipes since they have six kids.


However, during the chaos inside those precious 25 minutes, their team committed a seemingly harmless oversight in their plan.

“I made a miscalculation on the diapers,” Sergeant Boyd said. “Thought we had another box of size 5s in there, but we didn’t.”

The mistake ended up costing the Boyds a chance to win first place.

Although they came up short, the family still took home approximately $330 worth of items and a commissary gift card.

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