Cops learn how to fly




Many Airmen may want to learn how to fly aircraft, or dream of becoming a fighter pilot. For some 52nd Security Forces Squadron Airmen, that wish was granted for an hour. 

These Airmen were recently selected learn more about the mission of the 480th Fighter Squadron and were provided the opportunity to climb into the cockpit of an F-16 Fighter Falcon flight simulator to fly the aircraft virtually. 

These spent time with 480th FS pilots learning how to take off and land, as well as engage enemy aircraft and ground strafe targets.


One Airman said it was a blast to be able to test out the simulator and learn what goes through pilots’ mind when they fly missions.

“It was pretty awesome, and it’s definitely something that I dont’t get to do every day,” said Airman 1st Class Justin Hall, a 52nd Security Forces Squadron member.

Another Airman didn’t realize how complicated it can be for a pilot when he steps into the cockpit…you have to memorize what all the switches and dials do for the aircraft, and train for hours on end. But in the end, these Airmen expressed a newfound respect for pilots who continue to train and execute their mission…and make the sound of freedom every day.

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