The strength of a child’s laughter

Saber Airmen often volunteer their personal time to aid a variety of causes. But for one day, they dedicated their talents to building upon the strength of some very special kids.

Special Children's Day

For nearly 20 years, the Spangdahlem community has teamed with special needs children from St. Martin’s School in Bitburg for a fun-filled day of activities and partnership. This year’s event took place at the base gym Tuesday.

The day centered on sports with nearly 80 children participating in more than 10 different kinds of traditional German games.

Special Children's Day

More than 200 Spangdahlem Airmen volunteered to make the event a success. However, the lasting impact of the event wouldn’t just be measured in volunteer hours for a performance feedback.

Special Children's Day

Airmen and children could be seen walking hand-in-hand—any language barrier made little interference upon the enjoyment they both felt.

Indeed, Special Children’s Day meant as much to the Airmen as it did for the children.

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