Reunited, a family’s hearts beat as one

Saturday’s Operation Homecoming included a unique reunion for one Saber family.  For five months, half the King family has been away—one through a deployment with the U.S. Air Force and another two who won’t be born until October.


Tech. Sgt. Jesse King, an avionics specialist with 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, returned to greet his wife Andrea and four children: Sydney, 15, Alexis, 10, and soon-to-be-born twins Aaliyah and Aaron.

The family marked the weeks until their dad returned through regular visits to a German hospital. While the language barrier presented challenges, no interpreter was needed in hearing the palpable twin heartbeats emanating from the ultrasound’s speakers.    

“When I got the first ultrasound done, the doctor said, ‘It’s two babies,’” Mrs. King recounted. “I said, ‘Two?!’ And she said, ‘Yes, two. Zwei!’”

The girls spent the days before the Sept. 21 homecoming preparing their “Welcome Home” banner adorned with past family photos.


“I’m probably going to be the first to hug him, and she’s going to be the first to cry,” Sydney said, while pointing to her sister. Alexis just smiled and agreed to Sydney’s first point, noting how her sister participated in track and field in high school.

But when the big moment finally occurred, Sydney, the self-admitted stronger, more reserved of the two siblings, stepped back from the group hug as she batted strands away from her face.

“I knew it!” said Alexis, as she pointed at her sister who wiped a tear away as the family turned around.

Throughs tears and laughter, the Kings are together at last, all their hearts beating in one happy rhythm of a long-awaited homecoming.


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