Sabers take gold in Lodging Olympics

Lodging Olympics

Cheers could be heard from outside the building as lodging employees from Spangdahlem and Ramstein battled for the winning title in the Fourth Annual Lodging Olympics. The Lodging Olympics is the one day, each year, that hard-working employees can cut loose, showcase their skills and have some fun. The team-building exercise brings together all the sections of the facilities to achieve a common goal—winning the gold!


Twelve events took place throughout the event, to include bed making, cart stocking, towel folding and a luggage cart race. The final competition involved a dizzy-relay event requiring participants to spin around a bat five times before racing to put toilet paper in a basket across the room. The laughter was infectious.


At the end of the day, Sabers took the gold! Congratulations, Team Spangdahlem!

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