Stroller boot camp

Just had a baby and want to shed that baby weight? Or maybe you are pregnant and want to find a workout that’s just for you.

Stroller Boot Camp

Stroller Boot Camp is a strength and cardiovascular training program appropriate for pregnant women and women who are postpartum after about six weeks.

This community is a place where these women can come together and be active. They can learn about local resources, what is going on in the area and even learn of stroller friendly places on and off base to take their young ones.

Stroller Boot Camp

“Some of our women have deployed husbands. So they are at home with two maybe three kids and don’t get off base, or maybe don’t get out,” said Jen Cherry, aerobic instructor and personal trainer. “This is a place for them to be comfortable, and on top of that we get a killer work out. That’s what it is to me. That’s what I want it to be.”

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