Along came a ….

Pavlenko holds wasps on Spangdahlem Air Base

There is a restless buzz in the air on a still Tuesday afternoon as a swarm of wasps begin building their home outside a base dormitory window. For the dorm residents, this is a source of annoyance and fear … but for Airman 1st Class Dustin Pavlenko and Mr. Stefan Ehlenz, battling these bugs is just another day on the job.

From getting rid of creepy crawlies to rescuing lost kittens from pipes, the base pest management team works year round to keep families and pets safe. Their job is one that is neither well-known nor always glamorous. However, with the right tools and the right people, this small team can make a mighty difference.

“When you don’t need us, you don’t see us,” said Ehlenz with a chuckle. “But when you do need us, you’re happy to see us.”

So if you see a cute feral kitten trapped in a tree, or you notice a slithering snake by your work building, don’t be shy: give the team at pest management a call. They are just one buzzing bee away from helping you out.

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