100 mile marchers

The Challenge: Ruck-march 100 miles in 4 days

Day 1: 24 miles. 90 Degree weather. Less than 12 hours to complete.

Eleven members of Spangdahlem Air Base’s 52nd Logistic Readiness Squadron formed a team to brave the heat and take the challenge to compete in the International Four Day March in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The team has put in the hours to train since February, but the long days and heat is beginning to wear on them all.

After the first day,  four members were disqualified for various reasons such as injuries, missing checkpoints and not completing within the 12 hour time limit.

Some who weren’t disqualified felt like they couldn’t take another day of blisters, bruises, cracked knees and backaches.

“On Wednesday, I woke up thinking the there was no way I could make it through another day,” Said Staff. Sgt. Codie Kriehn.

Inspiration from others helped push those who were doubting their own ability through another day.

“I saw one of the other guys who got disqualified get up to march again,” Kriehn said. “Ricky Rivers inspired me to do the same. I didn’t quit because he didn’t quit. It didn’t matter how much pain we were in; we knew we were going to get each other through another day.”

As of now six team members still remain eligible to compete for awards in the march…Ruck on!

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