Briscoe: The PDF Line

It all comes down to this. The brown deployment folders, filled to the brim with information ranging from emergency contact information to weapons qualification forms, are prepped for the PDF line.

The PDF line, or personnel deployment function, is a rite of passage for any unit in the Air Force that deploys. Specialists from personnel, finance, medical, and other agencies look over every single folder for completeness and accurate information.

For Tech. Sgt. Tena Briscoe, all of her efforts from previous weeks — the late hours, the coordination, the communication with base support systems — come down to this moment on the line.

Each agency inspects the folders and makes sure each deploying Airman is prepared to deploy and support their country.

It doesn’t just stop there for Briscoe. She doesn’t push them out the door and leave them to sink or swim on the line. She’s there as well, running from table to table and Airman to Airman making sure the process is as smooth as possible for her deployers.

They don’t need the extra stress of worrying about whether their records are complete or not. She takes it upon herself to do that part for them.

At the end of the day, every Airman is ready to go and another successful deployment is well under way.

Briscoe and her team of unit deployments managers at work

The 606th Air Control Squadron is an enabler force. This means that when the Air Force says it’s time for them to go, they’re able to drop everything they’re doing and deploy.

Briscoe and her team make sure that these folders are up to date at all times. It’s important because they may be instructed to convoy to Base X within 24 hours of notification.

Regardless of whether the PDF line is a real-world scenario or only for an exercise, Briscoe makes sure everything is in order.

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